MISSION of the Total Foundation

Innovation, loyalty, sharing

These three values are the driving force behind the Total Foundation's commitments in its four key areas of work: solidarity, culture, health and marine biodiversity.

  • Innovation, by supporting research, and by forging new alliances with public authorities, associations and other foundations.
  • Loyalty, by continuously developing new approaches alongside long-term partners.
  • Sharing, by supporting the generosity of the Group's subsidiaries and staff

Created in 1992, after the Rio Earth Summit, the Total Foundation was originally dedicated to understanding marine biodiversity and to protecting our oceans.

In 2008, it began working in the fields of solidarity, culture and health.

  • Solidarity, to help young people achieve their potential and to promote social cohesion, particularly, today, through the ‘La France s'engage’ programme.
  • Health, by working with the Institut Pasteur to engage researchers, doctors and health care professionals in childhood diseases, in Africa and Asia.
  • Culture, by promoting the artistic wealth of Total's partner countries in France's major museums, by renovating and restoring France's heritage, and by making artistic practice a chief source of fulfilment for young people.

Today, and even more so tomorrow, its programmes will focus on young people, by ensuring their access to knowledge, culture, and the arts, the keys to a more harmonious and gentle world.