La France s'engage

Total, first sponsor of "La France s’engage"

In 2009, Total initiated its partnership with France's Youth Ministry in order to support innovation in the area of social inclusion for young people, notably through the Experimental Youth-Development Fund (FEJ). Over time, the partnership has supported innovative projects which aim to reduce school drop-out rates, facilitate access to employment and promote integration through the arts. Total has donated 45 million euros to these projects.

Since 2014, Total has donated an extra 15 million euros to the new programme launched by the French President, named "La France s'engage" ("France, A Nation of Commitment"). As a funding partner, Total is also involved in selecting and providing support to projects, first and foremost those dedicated to the youth, but also to integration, disabilities, health, culture, the environment, and intercultural cohabitation.

From 2009 to 2015, over 200,000 young people have benefited from this partnership.

"La France s'engage": how does it work?





second  public meeting of "La France s'engage",  in Paris.

On the weekend of 14-15 January at the Carreau du Temple in Paris,  people are invited to meet the community of project leaders bearing innovative social projects and all elected associations of the programme during the forum.

click here for programme and to suscribe for the Forum ( programme and registration in french)

And it is precisely because "the State cannot do it all" that, from early as 2009, Total joined forces with the Ministry of Youth Affairs to support, over the long-term, social innovation as a means of fostering inclusion in society for young people.  Over the course of time, the partnership has enabled support for innovative projects to prevent school drop-outs, facilitate entry into the working world or enable integration through participation in the arts.

Today, the project's concrete reality can be seen in the €16.8 million allocation made to "La France s'engage".  As a funding partner, Total is also involved in selecting and, further along in the process, providing support to projects, first and foremost those dedicated to youth, but also in such areas as disabilities, health, ecology, etc.

Examples include:

  • Projects aimed at fighting against religious or racial stereotypes:  Coexister, CoExist and Enquête
  • Projects enabling people to experience culture, like Labo des histoires, MuMo and Môm’artre
  • Projects fostering inclusion for the disabled:  Jaccede, Log’in, Handinamique vers l’emploi