Employee's comittment

Mentoring: enabling young people to find their place in society

Standing alongside young people, enabling them to become self-sufficient and assume find their place in society — that’s a priority commitment for the Total Foundation and one shared by Total employees, who pledge their support through mentoring.

Each year, 50 employees join forces with organizations like the Institut Télémaque, Proxité, Frateli and Sport Dans la Ville to mentor middle school, secondary school and university students. For the past decade, smart and motivated young students from underprivileged backgrounds have received support that improves their chances of success. In 2015, Télémaque toasted the success of a program for these young people that combines a grant, an academic advisor and a mentor from the world of business. The Total employees serving as mentors act as a social role model. They help the students broaden their sociocultural perspective and build a plan for personal and professional growth. They also nurture cultural interests by accompanying the students to exhibitions, plays, concerts and more. This unique relationship gives each student the chance to explore new life opportunities.

"For me, the commitment was a chance to provide a young person with open, caring outside support, in cooperation with the academic advisor, different from her environment. I'm deli 

ghted now to see how that shy schoolgirl has turned into a fulfilled, determined young student."
Sonia, Télémaque mentor from 2011 until 2015, graduation year for her mentee, Kawthar.

Because the under-representation of low-income social groups within the higher education system is a reality (the child of a factory employee or manual labourer is on average 7 times less likely than the child of a management-level employee or teacher to access higher education in France), the Institut Télémaque was created to promote equal opportunities through a partnership with the Ministry of Education. In 2015, it celebrated its 10th birthday. The Fondation Total has been accompanying it since the very beginning.

Beyond the financial support of the partner companies, some of their employees become mentors to high-school students from underprivileged school sectors, in order to give individuals from poorer backgrounds a chance to flourish.
The approach also includes a scholarship scheme which allows young people to develop their interests in educational and cultural activities. This is set up in collaboration with the young person's academic advisor.

The mentor's role is to encourage the young person's curiosity, to talk about career paths and to help them aim high in planning their future.  Together, mentors and mentees exchange ideas, engage in cultural visits (theatres, museums, walks, etc.), and talk about achievements in a safe atmosphere which allows the young person to open up, creating an extension of their school or home environments.


YOU ACT WE HELP : employees non profit projects


Since 2006, with the YOU ACT WE HELP internal programme the Foundation has regularly backed the initiatives of Group's employees personally involved in community support projects

Total's teams bring together men and women from 130 countries all around the world. A countless number of our team, is strongly committed, and very much involved in civic action. The Total Foundation encourages their dedication and supports the collective projects in which they believe.
Since 2006, the Total Foundation has provided its support to the 565 projects championed by Total employees in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.
This year, 42 projects were supported by the Foundation.
Once again this year, the employees are invited to elect the most liked project of the year from  three to five projects short-listed by the Selection Committee.The winning project receives further funding, in addition to that already awarded.

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Institut Télémaque

Mentored by forty employees of the Total Group, youth develop their personal and professional projects.

Much loved project 2015

Bringing Light to the Dao Rouge Ethnic Minority

This project* was developed to light up the 300 houses that form the village of Ta-Phin. The lighting programme, which offers solar lighting to beneficiaries, will make it possible for young children to do their homework and for adults to continue their craft-work after dark.
The project's aim is thus to contribute to improving children's performance in school, while also enabling adults to maintain a secure source of income for their families.
* This project is not related to the Total Awango program

Enfance Partenariat Vietnam

Enfance Partenariat Vietnam has been working actively since 2007 to improve living conditions for children and, in particular, those from the neediest families. The association consequently supports orphanages and shelters, gets involved in schooling and vocational training projects and runs spot emergency programmes.